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The site of the magazine "HERALD OF ANTHROPOLOGY " will now be available on the resource:


For many years, the Center for Physical Anthropology of the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences published a specialized almanac "Anthropology Bulletin". On March 20, 2014, Scientific Council of the Institute decided to establish a new journal - with the same name, but in a substantially expanded format.

This decision was due to the fact that the main periodical edition of the IEA RAS - "Ethnographic Review" - does not cope with the flow of applications for publication. The development of a complex of ethnological anthropological sciences in Russia, the restoration of ties between scientists from the countries of the "post-Soviet space", the deepening of cooperation with colleagues from "far abroad" all resulted in a significant increase in such applications. In addition, it is difficult for one journal to reflect modern trends in ethnology / anthropology, in particular, in the sharp expansion of the research field, the range of methodological approaches.
The new journal "Herald of Anthropology / New Series" is designed to reflect urgent problems related to the development of our science, the introduction of new ideas into circulation, and the expansion of the publication opportunities of scientists. It is open to such topics as methodology and theory, field research methodology, ethnogenesis, evolutionary anthropology, race genesis, ethnic anthropology, human morphology, ethnic archeology, ethno-cultural appearance of the peoples of the world, the evolution of cultural forms, ethnic processes, ethnological studies, ethnic politology, ethnosociology, cross-cultural psychology , the ethology of man, etc.

In addition to the standard sections (theoretical issues, ethno-cultural themes, history of science, reviews, etc.), the sections "Ethnological expertise", "For students and graduate students", "Field research" (including both full-fledged articles and travel sketches, notes) are introduced.

A prominent place should be occupied by publications related to the criticism of racism, ethno-nationalism, religious and social phobias, pseudoscientific ideas, charlatanism based on scientific problems, thematic sections of articles.

We shall try to implement the "small genre" – brief notes, reflections, replicas, etc.: often the scientist comes up with interesting ideas useful to colleagues, but they do not get their hands on full-length paper. Of course, discussions will be welcomed.

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